Enhance Your Psychic Ability With Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones

Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones are a great way to enhance your psychic ability!

Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones are sound frequencies that have been generated in a special way enabling them to alter your brainwave patterns and in turn bring about specific states of consciousness.  This is done by sending slightly different tones to the right and left ears.  (Therefore, it is best to wear headphones while listening).   Because the tones in each ear are slightly different, the brain will compensate, creating a third frequency inside your brain that is exactly the difference between the separate tones being played in each ear.  The brain then “entrains” to the tone that it created within itself.  This is called Brainwave Entrainment.   Brainwave entrainment can relax you, put you in the “zone” , increase creativity, and have may other positive influences.

The following are some common frequencies and corresponding physiological states created by listening to them.  (Note:  Hz stands for Hertz, which is a unit of frequency measurement equaling one cycle per second.)

  • HYPERGAMMA (85-200 Hz, centered at 100 Hz): Significant synthesis and understanding of sensory information, overcoming barriers to personal change.
  • GAMMA (30-85 Hz, centered at 40 Hz):  Perception, consciousness, problem solving; fear
  • BETA (13-30 Hz):  Active, busy or anxious thinking and active concentration, arousal, cognition
  • ALPHA (7-13 Hz):  Relaxation (while awake), pre-sleep & pre-wake drowsiness
  • THETA (4-7 Hz):   Dreams, deep meditation, REM Sleep
  • DELTA (<4 hz):     Deep dreamless sleep, loss of body awareness


by Jim McElwee, The Unexplainable Store

Before it was better understood, ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) was assumed to be a magical phenomena.  Today it is a mysterious, but generally recognized phenomena attributed to senses beyond the five that we understand.  ESP allows us to understand and see things that we are unable to otherwise see.  It manifests in several different forms.  Some say they actually have visions of future or past events, while others say it is more of a gut feeling.  Regardless, the subject has been studied for over a hundred years.  Today the phenomena is used by several world governments.  Detectives and police use psychics to find missing persons and help solve crimes.  Even the espionage branch of the United States government has used “remote viewing” to identify distant objects and future events.

Just because we don’t necessarily understand these skills doesn’t mean we can’t harness their powers to better our lives and the lives of those around us.  Several programs have sprung up claiming to improve psychic ability at a cost of thousands of dollars claiming to offer exercises that enhance psychic abilities.  Our brain entrainment program naturally produces a frequency that enhances your ESP abilities even as it relaxes you.  Imagine getting more and more accurate gut feelings about future events.  How would you change your life with such a profound advantage?  Some of us can’t afford an institution that will make us more psychic.  Start tuning your brain naturally today!

With time your psychic ability will yield more and more results.  And though you may specialize in one branch, such as the remote viewing of distant objects, eventually you may be able to do any number of things as you gain knowledge and experience in the psychic field.  All psychic phenomena is linked in the brain to the Amygdala and the Anterior Cingulate Cortex.  Our program enhances activity in these two regions, resulting in a noticeable increase in psychic abilities.

How Is this Possible?

Binaural Beats-  Sine wave generators are used to create two separate frequency waves which are introduced to each ear independently. The brain reacts by creating a third tone which is the difference between the two. This allows the brain to directly tune into a frequency that the ear cannot hear! The entire range of Alpha and Theta frequencies (between 5-12 Hz) have been tested extensively in several studies. It has been concluded that a specific combination of frequencies consistently cause a Shift In Consciousness!

Isochronic Tones- If you are looking for the most effective type of brainwave entrainment, Isochronic tones are the way to go. Isochronic Tones also use equal intensity tones, but the pulse speed is greater, causing the brain to synchronize with the rhythm.  In 1999, Thomas Budzynski Ph.D.  published a case in the Journal of Neurotherapy which showed that a group of 8 college students increased their GPA with the use of audio brainwave stimulation, and their GPA continued to increase even after the brainwave entrainment was finished!

On a personal note, I constantly listened to Isochronic Tones while studying class materials for my BS in Natural Health.  It really helped me to focus, retain, and stay relaxed while learning.  My retention was high, and ended up getting excellent grades in all classes!! -Becki

About The Tone

Our ESP Inducing Recording uses the famous Shumann Resonance Peak, which lands you at the high end of Theta, right before Alpha (7.83 Hz). So relax as you listen, and be prepared to go pretty low. (The Schumann resonances are small oscillations of the Earth’s magnetic field which resonate at extremely low frequencies. If you could magnify a compass needle so it was very large, you would notice it jiggles about and never appears to stay still. It still points in the general direction of magnetic North but moves from side to side very slightly. These perturbations are caused by the Schumann resonances affecting the Earth’s magnetic field and hence the compass needle.  –Healing Earth http://healingearth.co.uk/default.aspx)

by Jim McElwee, The Unexplainable Store

We have all seen psychics on TV. I’m not going to waste time convincing you that psychic powers are real, because we already know that they are. The government uses psychics and remote viewers, the CIA uses them, and the FBI has been known to crack cases with the help of psychics. Psychic powers do in-fact exist, and we all have the ability to develop them.

First and foremost you must be in the right mind frame to learn. Your conscious mind has to be put aside and your subconscious mind needs to lead. Mastering the brain frequencies to separate your conscious thoughts from your subconscious thoughts is the hardest part. To help you with this, we have developed an ESP Enhancement Recording. These recordings will allow you to obtain an “Altered State Of Consciousness” and resonate the brain frequencies needed to get you in the right mind frame.

Learn More About ESP Enhancement Recordings

Once you are in the right mind frame, the first step is to clear your mind. You must let go of all thoughts, questions, and concerns. Think of nothing. Psychic notions come from unexplained means, not from your brain leading your thoughts. You don’t want your thoughts to lead your brain.

Now that your mind is clear, it’s time to practice the bi-directional flow of thought. ESP energy works 2 ways. Outward flow and Inward flow. You should know the difference and be comfortable activating each of the processes.


Outward ESP Energy Flow

This is when you project your thoughts outward. Your thought energy you project interacts with outside energy and can cause paranormal happenings. An example of this is the “Energy Wheel”. An energy wheel is a device that is made which users can control with their mind. By simply projecting thought at the wheel, users can make the wheel spin, stop, and change directions. We will talk more about Energy Wheels in the upcoming newsletters.


Inward ESP Energy Flow

Inward energy flow is the opposite. This is when outside energy is perceived by our minds. Examples of this are predicting the face value of a playing card, psychic readings, and such.

It is important to understand both of these energy flows because they are the base foundation of thought flow. Take the time to practice both Inward and Outward thinking. The more you practice, the more accustomed you will become to the feelings.

Both Inward and Outward thought control is extremely enhanced with our ESP, Telepathy, and Remote Viewing recordings. If you are serious about developing ESP abilities, I strongly suggest trying our Monaural or Isochronic ESP selections.  They will assist in reaching the right frequencies, clearing your mind, and help you project both Inwardly and Outwardly.

Learn More About Monaural and Isochronic ESP Selections


Now we are going to move to directing ESP thought energy inward.

This is what Psychics do, and is how you let the world speak to you.

OK, so once again, I can’t stress enough that the entire process relies on your own ability to control your mind. In order to allow the world to speak to you, you must learn to let your conscious thoughts and mind go. Our ESP and Telepathy Binaural Beats will help you along your way and save months, if not years, of intense practice.

Let’s start by taking the time to clear your mind and meditate. If you have a copy of our ESP or Telepathy Binaural Recording, take the time to tune your brain into these frequencies. We have several choices of Entrainment technology you may choose here.


Now, let’s start with a simple, but effective exercise. Simply close your eyes, and ask the world a question. When you ask this question, don’t focus on correct wording, but visually picture your question. Use your inner thought ability to perfectly describe your question with thought. Remember, the English language is made from humans, and the world speaks in different tongues.

Now that you have asked your question, clear your mind and allow the world to send you an answer. The answer probably will not come in the form of words, but as symbols. Let your brain process thoughts freely, and do not intentionally concentrate or hang onto any one thought. Let the thoughts enter, and roll away.

After 5-10 minutes of free thinking, get up and write these symbols and feelings down. If is easy to forget parts of your experience, so you should be diligent in getting your experiences on paper as quickly as you can following your session. Don’t interrupt your session to write them down, but when your free flow session is over, don’t hesitate either!



The information above is a mix of verbatim information obtained with permission from  Jim McElwee, The Unexplainable Store mixed with some additional information, personal thoughts, experiences from the author.

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Becki Baumgartner

Herbalist, Certified Tennessee Naturalist, Certified Reiki Master at LuminEarth.com
Becki Baumgartner is a certified member of the Academy of Integrated Health & Medicine. Becki graduated from Clayton College in 2011 with a BS in Natural Health, Minor in Herbology, obtained her Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Certification in 2012, and her Tennessee Naturalist Certification in 2013. She is currently enrolled in the Master Herbalist Program at the Academy of Natural Health Sciences. She has been a Lead Investigator for Volunteer State Paranormal Research since 2010 and in 2012 joined Natchez Trace Veterinary Services, an Alternative Medicine Veterinary Clinic, as Practice Manager and Herbalist. She is also a volunteer naturalist for Metro Parks and the Nashville Medical Reserve Corps, facilitates a weekly Reiki Share at Center of Symmetry in Nashville, and facilitates Reiki, Herbology and Alternative Health classes and workshops in the Nashville Area. Chat with Becki on Google+ | LinkedIn | Facebook


  1. Steve Dizmon says:

    Becki –

    I knew very little about Binaural Beats until last evening. It became a topic of discussion among our guests. Interesting to find your article using these frequencies to alter brain wave activity. Hmmm, Synchronicity perhaps?

    • Becki Baumgartner says:

      Most definitely!! Joyce and I both have been using binaural beats and isochronic tones for quite a while now. I find them quite beneficial. I will PM you more about this!!!

    • Becki Baumgartner says:

      Hey Steve! Probably is synchronicity! I personally use the beats on almost a daily basis. I started out using binaural beats, then moved on to isochronic tones. I like the isochronic tones the best. I use them as an aid for meditation, and also listen when I run or walk–for me it provides a kind of “moving meditation”. For some reason I personally enjoy the “moving meditation”more than regular meditation. Joyce and I both used the Endorphin Release Isochronic Tones while running in the Women’s Half Marathon last year. They really do work!!

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