Living the 5 Reiki Principles

Living the 5 Reiki Principles can put us back on the road to enlightenment.

5 Reiki PrinciplesIf you read books on spirituality, attend talks or classes on metaphysics or study any of the so-called “new age” philosophies, you may have run across the idea that now should be a time of enhanced enlightenment. We are an evolving species, not only physically and mentally, but spiritually as well. Given our evolutionary timeline, we have advanced a great deal in many areas. But somehow our spirituality – and by this I mean our connection with the higher power, mother earth, collective conscious, etc. – seems to be lagging far behind our other accomplishments as a human race.

“We are entering into an enlightened age…” I’ve seen this written so many times in my own studies. But I can’t help but feel this is not the case. I look around. I see disconnection from our source and our planet. I see lack of compassion for each other and all living things. I see destruction of nature and blatant disregard for and even anger toward each other. This has caused a lot of confusion within me. After speaking with colleagues and friends, I find that I’m not alone in this confusion and disappointment. Why haven’t we advanced further in these areas?

I feel that we are being distracted from our true path. This distraction is coming at us in many forms, but mainly from our obsession with material wealth fostered by behemoth corporations and the media.  The government plays its part by ensuring that the majority never achieve wealth – in fact, they barely allow us to simply survive. So we find ourselves continually chasing that idea of wealth, instead of living toward a goal of true wealth – the spiritual kind.

Using the 5 Reiki Principles to Turn the World Around

What can be done? This is a complex question as much has been invested in our “dead-end” path of existence. We must begin by divesting ourselves from this path immediately. Yet I believe there is a simple way that we can turn our situation around and get back on the road to enlightenment: Live everyday by the 5 Reiki Principles.

Just For Today:
Do not Anger
Do not worry
Be Humble
Be Honest in your Work
Be Compassionate to Yourself and Others

Enormous power in just a few words. I have made a personal decision to do my best to live each day according to these 5 Reiki Principles. I want to see how my own life changes, but I also want to see what effect this may have on those around me. The change we need in the world is collective – but we must start by changing the way each individual lives on a daily basis.

If those who would keep us off our path can create a world of anger and destruction, than we who strive toward enlightenment can re-create our world into one of love, creativity and compassion.

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Joyce Dierschke is a Reiki Master, writer, artist, traveler and outdoor enthusiast. She co-owns the successful website and business with Becki Baumgartner, offering information, inspiration and instruction in Reiki and energy healing, herbs, phenomena, spirituality, intuition and more. She holds a B.A. in Mass Media & Communication and worked in the television industry for 10 years. Through, Joyce and Becki offer private Reiki Sessions and private Reiki Classes & Training as well as Group Reiki Classes and Training. An experienced hiker, camper and kayaker, Joyce understand the healing power of spending time in nature. She currently works for a large outdoor apparel and equipment retailer and teaches classes in navigation, hiking and camping. When she is not practicing or teaching Reiki or educating and outfitting people for outdoor recreation, Joyce spends time with her two lovable and active beagle-mix pups, Katie and George.

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