Aromatherapy Cough Treatment

Have a cough? Aromatherapy may help! Here are a couple of aromatherapy cough treatment recipes to help you breathe freely through out this year’s  cold and flu season! Steam Inhalation Aromatherapy Cough Treatment You can make a homemade aromatherapy steam inhalation by adding three to five drops of peppermint oil to a pan of boiling […]

Home Remedies: Medicines in Your Spice Rack

A fun and easy way to start working with home remedies and herbs is to take a look at your own spice rack. Many common culinary herbs also have quite a bit of medicinal value! Below you will find a list of common “spice rack” herbs and their benefits. We can also show you: How to […]

Wood Betony ~ Materia Medica by Jyll Renee’

Though this nearly forgotten mint has become increasingly rare modern herbal medicine, wood betony was once considered almost a panacea by the elder herbalists. Little modern research has been done to either prove or disprove the medicinal values attributed to betony. Betony was once used to treat chest and lung problems, worms, fever, gout, uterine […]

Herbal Feline Leukemia Treatment: Acemannan (Aloe Vera)

Aloe vera is a hardy, perennial herb that can be found in the southern United States, Mexico, Latin America, the Middle East, India, the Caribbean and parts of Asia. You may already be familiar with Aloe vera. It is the main ingredient in many popular sunburn relief aids.  Many households keep an Aloe vera plant […]

Wild Cherry Bark – Materia Medica by Jyll Renee’

Wild Cherry Bark Wild cherry bark taken from the root, trunk and branches reportedly aids digestive and respiratory ailments. Great boiled as a decoction, popular to make syrups from as well. Thinning Mucus Secretions Wild cherry bark is classified as a “relaxing expectorant” because it thins mucus secretions and coats irritated respiratory tissueIt is easier […]

Green Mung Bean Health Benefits

The green mung bean is originally from India and may also be known as the green gram, golden gram and chop suey bean. Green mung bean sprouts are often used in salads and stir-frys. Ayurvedic Yogi recommends a mono diet of green mung soup for several days or more as a deep detox for your body. Traditional Chinese Medicine […]

Herbal Tonics Quick List

Here’s a handy list of the different herbal tonics you can use to build your herbal pharmacy! Herbal tonics are herbs use to help restore, invigorate, and tone particular systems in the body to help promote a feeling of overall good health and wellness. Biliary Tonics (Stimulates Bile) Goldenseal Oregon Grape Root Parsley Rhubarb Wild […]

Natural Magick: Star Anise

 Star Anise Folk name: Chinese Anise Parts used: leaves, oils, bark, seeds Planet: Jupiter Element: Air Zodiac: Pisces, Sagittarius Gender: Feminine Goddess/ God: Buddha, Quan Yin Medicinal uses: The fruits and foliage yield essential oil for medicinally promote appetite and digestion and to relieve chest complaints, rheumatism, and flatulence. Japanese Star Anise (Illicium anisatum) has […]

Herbal Alternatives to Antibiotics

Learn how to improve your health naturally! Learn about herbal alternatives to antibiotics, how to obtain them and how to use them.

White Pine Bark Extract Health Benefits

White Pine Bark Extract Health Benefits I have personally found Pine Bark Extract to have the same health benefits as Pycnogenol in its effect on the skin, inflammation,  arthritis, and allergies. Therefore, I am sharing this information originally researched under the topic “Pycnogenol”  with you with the opinion that White Pine Bark Extract will have […]

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