Home Remedies: Medicines in Your Spice Rack

A fun and easy way to start working with home remedies and herbs is to take a look at your own spice rack. Many common culinary herbs also have quite a bit of medicinal value! Below you will find a list of common “spice rack” herbs and their benefits. We can also show you: How to […]

Herbal Tonics Quick List

Here’s a handy list of the different herbal tonics you can use to build your herbal pharmacy! Herbal tonics are herbs use to help restore, invigorate, and tone particular systems in the body to help promote a feeling of overall good health and wellness. Biliary Tonics (Stimulates Bile) Goldenseal Oregon Grape Root Parsley Rhubarb Wild […]

Healthy Homemade Seasoning: Vitamin/Mineral Vegetable Powder

Season your food the healthy way with this healthy, homemade seasoning! Vitamin/Mineral Vegetable Powder 1 part – Kelp Powder 1 part – Toasted Sesame Seeds 2 part – Nutritional Yeast 1/2 part – Garlic Granules 1/8 part – Spirulina Kelp – Kelp is a seaweed that thrives on sunlight and takes in the host of nutrients […]

The Herbal Home Remedy Book: Simple Recipes for Tinctures, Teas, Salves, Tonics, and Syrups by Joyce A. Wardwell (A Review)

THE HERBAL HOME REMEDY BOOK by Joyce A. Wardwell is an excellent resource for those wanting to start using herbs for healing with supplies easily found in the kitchen. Using simple recipes and generations of herbal healing wisdom, Joyce Wardwell will teach you how to: Gather, dry, store and blend 25 common herbs Make and […]

WHITE PINE (Pinus strobus) ~ LuminEarth’s Guide to Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants

Names:  Eastern White Pine, Northern Pine, Northern White Pine, Pin Blanc, Pinus strobus, Soft Pine, Weymouth Pine, Weymouths Keifer, Weymouthtall, White Pine Appearance:  The White Pine (Pinus strobus) is a coniferous evergreen tree.  It’s trunk is tall and stright and the needles are blue-green.  Young trees are conical shaped, but as the trees age they develop […]

Christmas Tea and Gift Ideas ~ Jyll Renee’, Master Herbologist

Hello my friends, Tis the season for giving!  How about giving the “Gift of Health” this year.  We also have the loose Christmas tea and Kandy Kane tea available again this year. Christmas Tea – $6.00 for 2oz of loose tea Kandy Kane Tea – $6.00 for 2oz loose tea Tea Ball – $3.00 Healthy […]

General Principles of Herbs: Beginning Herb Class for Home Herbalists w/ Jyll Renee’

General Principles of Herbs:  A Beginning Herb Class for Home Herbalists   Instructor:  Jyll Renee, Master Herbologlist Class Price:  $35.00  – ** Gift Certificates Available for this class as well** Class Book:  $15.00 – reference book purchase not required *What you will learn: This  class is designed with Madison, Henry County in mind. We will […]

Flow of Life is an Amazing River

Your personal truth, when aligned with your passions and your intentions, is a powerful force that creates vitality, growth, love and prosperity in everything and everyone it comes into contact with. It is a force that cannot be judged, but can only be observed, felt, experienced and known.

Sarsparilla (Smilax medica) ~ Materia Medica by Jyll Renee’

SARSPARILLA Common name: Jamaican Sarsparilla, Indian Sarsparilla, Liliaceae, Red-bearded Latin name: Smilax medica Habitat:  Sarsparilla species generally grow in a tropical rainforests and in temperate regions in Australia andAsia, and the root of the hub can be gathered during the year. Info:  The climbing herb of Central America has a twining stem with big prickles; […]

Natural Relief for Shingles: Cayenne and Aloe Vera

A friend recently asked if I knew of anything holistic that would provide relief for a child who had contracted shingles shortly after receiving a chicken pox vaccine. I did a bit of research and we found something that really helped.  She told me this recipe was the only thing they found that really provided relief for the child, […]

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