Home Remedies: Medicines in Your Spice Rack

A fun and easy way to start working with home remedies and herbs is to take a look at your own spice rack. Many common culinary herbs also have quite a bit of medicinal value! Below you will find a list of common “spice rack” herbs and their benefits. We can also show you: How to […]

Green Mung Bean Health Benefits

The green mung bean is originally from India and may also be known as the green gram, golden gram and chop suey bean. Green mung bean sprouts are often used in salads and stir-frys. Ayurvedic Yogi recommends a mono diet of green mung soup for several days or more as a deep detox for your body. Traditional Chinese Medicine […]

Kelp ~ Materia Medica by Jyll Renee’

KELP  Habitat:  Kelp is a seaweed harvested from rocky ocean shores around the world.  Many varieties of kelp grow in different parts of the world. It’s technically a sea vegetable. It can grow up to 30 meters and form kelp forests which rise from the ocean floor up to the surface. Healthy Info:  Kelp is a member […]

Healthy Homemade Seasoning: Vitamin/Mineral Vegetable Powder

Season your food the healthy way with this healthy, homemade seasoning! Vitamin/Mineral Vegetable Powder 1 part – Kelp Powder 1 part – Toasted Sesame Seeds 2 part – Nutritional Yeast 1/2 part – Garlic Granules 1/8 part – Spirulina Kelp – Kelp is a seaweed that thrives on sunlight and takes in the host of nutrients […]

Make it Fresh! How to Make Dandelion Tea and Cook Dandelion Greens

The benefits of dandelion greens are amazing!  Dandelion leaf tea is an excellent tonic and detox for the entire body.  It helps to cleanse and detoxify the bladder, kidneys, liver and blood.  It is an excellent, healthy diuretic because it is a natural source of potassium and replenishes any potassium lost through its diuretic action. When […]

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) – FREE Online Guide to Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) Other Names:  Bitterwort, Blow-ball, Cankerwort, Clockflower,  Doonheadclock, Irish Daisy, Lion’s Tooth, Piss-in-Bed, Pissinlit, Priest’s Crown,  Pu Gong Ying, Puffball, Swine’s Snout, Taraxacum officinale, Taraxaci herba, Taraxaci radix cum herba, Telltime, Yellow Gowan, Wild Endive Leaves:  Dandelion leaf tea is an excellent diuretic and can be used to help relieve cystitis, fluid retention, […]

Spinach Smoothie: I Promise You Won’t Taste the Spinach!!!

Here is an excellent spinach smoothie recipe from my good friend, Laurie Laurain.  Laurie lives in Pulaski, PA,  and runs a daycare center out of her home.  She has come up with an amazing way to get the little tykes to eat their greens– this Spinach Smoothie.  As you can tell from the photo, they LOVE […]

Whey Protein Appears to Help Lower Blood Pressure

Courtesy of Swanson Health Products  Whey protein beverages reduced blood pressure in young men and women in a six-week controlled intervention. A study out of Washington State University found that daily consumption of whey protein resulted in at least a six-point reduction in average blood pressure of women and men who had pre-existing high blood […]

MSG: Is This Silent Killer Lurking in Your Kitchen Cabinets?

A widespread and silent killer that’s worse for your health than alcohol, nicotine and many drugs is likely lurking in your kitchen cabinets right now. [1] “It” is monosodium glutamate (MSG), a flavor enhancer that’s known widely as an addition to Chinese food, but that’s actually added to thousands of the foods you and your […]

Ginger Dirty Rice

  If you like spicy, you’ll love this one!  It is a cross between two of my favorites, Ginger Rice and New Orleans Dirty Rice.  The recipe is quick and easy.  Just toss it all in the rice cooker and let it cook!  My family likes it best made with brown rice.  Nice and healthy, […]

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