Complete Sentence EVP “They’re Not Going Anywhere” Evidenced by Spectral Analysis, Mel Meter, and More

Complete Sentence EVP "They're Not Going Anywhere" Evidenced by Spectral Analysis, Mel Meter, and MoreWe were honored to have the opportunity to consult with Nick Reiter of The Avalon Foundation for spectral analysis of our “They’re Not Going Anywhere” Full Sentence EVP.

Spectral Analysis, also known as Audio Spectrum Analysis, is a very powerful paranormal investigation tool that allows investigators to visually separate noise from sound and match voice samples in a manner similar to matching fingerprints. This eliminates the possibility that the recording is the voice of a team member, identifies what words are being spoken without hearing the file, and shows the pitch and frequency of specific portions of the audio file to determine if it falls in the human speech or hearing range.

Nick Reiter is a lifelong resident of northwest Ohio, currently living in Gibsonburg. His professional career in industrial technology and solar PV energy spans three decades. Currently, Nick carries the title of staff scientist for a solar R&D firm in Toledo, Ohio.

A lifelong interest in the unusual prompted Nick over the years to take on the role of researcher and author in a number of fields that could be considered “paranormal”. His primary interest from the 1980s until the late 90s was in claims of alien encounters and UFOs. However the high degree of paranormal activity in the lives of many UFO experiencers led Nick to consider that the phenomena – usually perceived as being distinct – may lie on a single experiential axis – an axis of consciousness and reality. Thus from about 1996 until 2004, Nick focused primarily on claims of poltergeists, hauntings, and spiritual encounters, in and around the Ohio area. Many valuable clues were gathered, and gaps in knowledge were filled in, however in time it became apparent that ghostly encounters – much like alien ones – were not what they seemed to be.

By about 2006, Nick had begun to focus once again on the matter of UFOs and non-human entity encounters, however now from a completely different perspective. Adding to this a more recent active interest in the psychological and cultural roles of magic, mysticism, secret societies, and occult history, for Nick the pieces of the puzzle finally began to fall into place. However the picture that is starting to resolve itself is not an easy one for many to swallow, nor is it necessarily a very attractive one in its implications for the role of human beings in their world and in the greater universe. However it is an enriched view, and it has incorporated the evidence for itself as a good hypothesis should. Nick currently is continuing field investigations to complete the hypothesis, but also has devoted a part of his time to helping those with paranormal problems, and remediating negative haunt or entity assault situations.

When not at his day job in the lab, or pondering the disturbing yet intoxicating new universe that both paranormal and ufological studies suggest, he tries to forget about life by gardening, riding a Harley, building fusion reactors in a jar, and talking to his cats and dog.

Nick is co-author of “The Bridges of Avalon: Science, Spirit, and the Quest for Unity” and maintains a website: , and has also been interviewed on Coast to Coast AM.

The sound analysis on this capture was performed by Trevor Reiter. Trevor has assisted with his father’s research as a technical consultant in audio analysis, acoustics, and computer science matters since 2001. He was awarded his Masters Degree in Computer Science with a minor in recording technology, in 2009. His interests range from recording electronics, to new concepts in computing, and into information theory. Like his father, he has a deep interest in Fortean phenomena and the role of religion and magic in sociology and cultural anthropology. He also owns his own mobile recording studio and works part time as a board engineer at a local radio station.

The Complete Sentence EVP “They’re Not Going Anywhere”

They’re Not Going Anywhere by joycedierschke

First you will hear the team chatting.  (These voices sound “off in the distance” because the team was on the lower level of the building while the digital voice recorder was recording on the upper level.) Then you will hear the EVP “They’re not going anywhere” which sounds loud and clear. There was nobody in the upper level of the museum when this EVP was captured.

This EVP  was captured at the Clement Railroad Hotel Museum, located in the Hotel Halbrook in historic downtown Dickson, Tennessee. This hotel was built in 1913 and is one of the few remaining examples of a railroad hotel in a small Tennessee town. The Museum features exhibits and programming involving the Civil War, railroading, and local and regional history as well as many artifacts and items that once belonged to Tennessee Governor Frank G. Clement and his family.  The museum also maintains the rooms where the Clements lived while managing the Hotel Halbrook, and contains exhibits featuring Governor Clement’s early years, campaigns, and accomplishments.

Click Here to Visit the Clement Railroad Hotel Museum Website

Our team was investigating this location to either validate or debunk some claims of paranormal activity by the museum staff. The investigation was held after hours with ten investigators present.  The Clement Railroad Hotel Museum is a two-story building.  At the time this EVP was captured, the entire team was taking a break on the bottom floor.  Joyce Dierschke, Investigator for Volunteer State Paranormal Research, decided to leave her digital voice recorder on upstairs in the spot where we had just completed an EVP session just to see what might be captured. Joyce discovered the voice days later while reviewing her recordings.

We know for sure that there was no one upstairs when this EVP was captured because everyone was present and accounted for during the break. Additionally, if there had been a person in that room we would have heard additional sounds like footsteps,  the floor creaking, or sounds of someone approaching the recorder.  (The floors in the museum are hardwood and make many loud creaking noises when someone is walking or moving around.)  There are no such sounds on the recording.

When organizing data from the investigation, Mike Sears, founder of Volunteer State Paranormal Research, found additional evidence in support of this EVP.  Jeremy Roberts, investigator for Volunteer State Paranormal Research,  left his digital voice recorder in the same area as Joyce’s.  There was no EVP or voice recorded on Jeremy’s digital voice recorder during that time period.  Also, there were two team Mel Meters set on “record” beside the digital voice recorders.  Both Mel Meters had recorded a 2.4 EMF spike during this time period, indicating an increase in electromagnetic frequency at this time.

Derrick Webster, the Operations Coordinator and Co-Curator of the WWII Exhibit at the Clement Railroad Hotel Museum, heard this same voice approximately a year ago when a bunco party was held at the museum. Derrick described the bunco party as “a very noisy affair, with a group of ladies socializing and having a really good time”.  Around ten o’clock in the evening, after the party had ended and the last of the ladies had left the building, he began securing the building and turning off all fo the lights. Finally, with only the light in his upstairs office remaining, Derrick sat down in his office to clear his head before the drive home.  It was then he heard a female voice speak out loud one distinct phrase: “I don’t believe I recognize him.” Then everything was silent again.  Derrick described the voice as “very southern…what I call trash southern… also sounded smokey like someone who smokes”. Derrick says that although he hasn’t heard that voice since, once of the docents has.  He also states “it was the clearest personal proof to me of the paranormal and I will never forget it.”

The Spectral Analysis by Nick and Trevor Reiter

The audio recording I received came in both a .wav and .mp3  format.  I chose to analyze the .wav file as it would have more audio data to process, being a lossless format.  It was recorded on a Coby CXR190-1G voice recorder. The recorder uses a propriety  digital audio ormat that is later converted to .wav upon uploading to a computer. The device has an effective  frequency range of 300-3,000 Hz.

not going anywhere 1

The above image is a frequency plot for the area of interest when the words “I’m not going anywhere” are heard in the recording.  There is quite a bit of noise in the recording, but the shape of the spectrogram is in line with what would be expected of a strained human voice recorded on a device with the aforementioned frequency response. It is my guess that the choppy nature of the spectrogram is derived from the device’s propriety format conversion. The choppiness is evident throughout the whole clip.

When running the sound through a noise reduction system, the harmonic content of the area in question can be seen a little better, as shown below.

not going anywhere 2

Again, this is what would be expected of a human voice speaking into a device with a frequency range of 300-3,000 Hz.



Nothing would indicate to me that the contents of the file are the result of tampering.  There is a  large amount of ambient noise, and the frequency response of the device is very limited, but the recording would seem to be a legitimate recording of a voice of some kind.

In summary, we feel this is an amazing paranormal capture.  This EVP was captured on a digital voice recorder when there was nobody in the room to speak into the recorder. The voice sounds just like a phantom voice previously heard by two of the museum staff.  There was nobody in the room at the time of the capture; no sounds of footsteps, floor creaking, or sounds of someone approaching the recorder to speak into it.  A second digital voice recorder running in the same location at the same time has no voice recorded during the time period the EVP was captured. Two separate Mel Meters show EMF spikes of 2.4 during the time of the capture, indicating an increase in electromagnetic frequency during this time. Spectral analysis indicates the voice has the same harmonics as a human voice, and also that the sound files have not been altered. 


Many thanks to Nick and Trevor from both and Vounteer State Paranormal Research for your assistance in analyzing this data!


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