Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants

LuminEarth’s FREE Online Guide to Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants

Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants

Welcome to LuminEarth’s FREE Online Guide to Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants!

Here we have compiled information on wild edibiles and medicinals, categorized alphabetically by any and all names we’ve come across in our studies for these amazing flora.

Our contributors have committed a great deal of time and energy to studying and experimenting with these plants.  Many of these plants we personally use on a regular basis.

Always make sure you can positively identify a plant before using or ingesting it.  Many plants have poisonous look-alikes!

Some people may find raw leaves and flowers difficult to digest.

Peterson’s Field Guide (A Guide to Edible Wild Plants) indicates that raw leaves and flowers are difficult to digest, but they can be eaten in quantity if if soaked a few hours in hot water or cooked in some manner. Also dried flowers and seeds can be ground into flour.

-Cindy MoonRose, Eatable Weed Walks and Plant Classes

My family and I eat many of the more tender plants such as dandelion greens, violet leaves, and broadleaf plantain raw mixed in salads with other  greens and vegetables with no problem.

If you are interested in the medicinal value of these wild plants, you may also like to read:

We hope you enjoy this information, and put it to good use in the near future!

Herbs that grow in an area take on the characteristics of their environment and are particularly useful for the treatment of those ailments associated with the climate and other conditions of the area. In any region, there are perhaps a dozen important herbs that can be used to treat most illnesses encountered there.

 -Michael Tierra, L.Ac., O.M.D., “The Way of Herbs”

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.  ~Albert Einstein


Aaron’s Rod

Ague Tree 




American Nightshade



Asclepias syriaca




Banaf Shah


Bazir Dam Bill

Broadleaf Milkweed

Broadleaf Plantain (Becki Baumgartner)

Bull Thistle (Becki Baumgartner)

Butterfly Weed (Becki Baumgartner)

Buyuk Sinirliot (Becki Baumgartner)


Canada Root (Becki Baumgartner)

Canadian Goldenrod (Becki Baumgartner)

Cancer Root (Becki Baumgartner)

Cat’s Foot (Becki Baumgartner)

Ch’E Ch’len (Becki Baumgartner)

Che Qian Zi (Becki Baumgartner)

Chin Yin Hua (Becki Baumgartner)

Chin Yin T’Eng (Becki Baumgartner)

Chinese Honeysuckle (Becki Baumgartner)

Cinnamon Wood (Becki Baumgartner)

Cirsium vulgare (Becki Baumgartner)

Clover (Becki Baumgartner)

Common Blue Violet (Becki Baumgartner)

Common Milkweed (Becki Baumgartner)

Common Plantain (Becki Baumgartner)

Common Sassafras (Becki Baumgartner)

Common Thistle (Becki Baumgartner)

Cottonweed (Becki Baumgartner)

Creeping Charlie (Becki Baumgartner)

Cukoo’s Bread (Becki Baumgartner)


Dandelion (Becki Baumgartner)

Daum Sejumbok (Becki Baumgartner)

Duraznillo (Becki Baumgartner)


Early Goldenrod (Becki Baumgartner)

Eastern White Pine (Becki Baumgartner)

Ekur Anjing (Becki Baumgartner)

English Violet (Becki Baumgartner)

Englishman’s Foot (Becki Baumgartner)

European Goldenrod (Becki Baumgartner)


Fedshank (Becki Baumgartner)

Floh-Knöterich (Becki Baumgartner)

Flux Root (Becki Baumgartner)

Fuller’s Thistle (Becki Baumgartner)


Garden Violet (Becki Baumgartner)

Gechi Qulaghi (Becki Baumgartner)

Gill-Over-The-Ground (Becki Baumgartner)

Gillrun (Becki Baumgartner)

Glechoma hederacea (Becki Baumgartner)

Goldenrod (Becki Baumgartner)

Great Plantain or Greater Plantain (Becki Baumgartner)

Grote Weegbree (Becki Baumgartner)

Ground Ivy (Becki Baumgartner)

Gui Zhi (Becki Baumgartner)


Hall’s Honeysuckle (Becki Baumgartner)

Halliana (Becki Baumgartner)

Hay Maids (Becki Baumgartner)

Hedge Maids (Becki Baumgartner)

Herbe à la Ouate (Becki Baumgartner)

Honeysuckle (Becki Baumgartner)


Inkberry (Becki Baumgartner)


Japanese Honeysuckle (Becki Baumgartner)

Jen Tug Kao (Becki Baumgartner)

Jen Tung, Jen Tung Chiu  (Becki Baumgartner)

Jin Hua, Jin Yin Hua (Becki Baumgartner)


Kansas Milkweed (Becki Baumgartner)

Knotweed (Becki Baumgartner)

Kokulu Menekse (Becki Baumgartner)

Kuntze Saloop (Becki Baumgartner)


La Liao (Becki Baumgartner)

Ladino Clover (Becki Baumgartner)

Lady’s Thumb (Becki Baumgartner)

Laurus albida (Becki Baumgartner)

Lisan Al Hamal (Becki Baumgartner)

Llanten (Becki Baumgartner)

Llantén común (Becki Baumgartner)

Llantén major (Becki Baumgartner)

Llanten mayor (Becki Baumgartner)

Lonicera japonica (Becki Baumgartner)


Maarts Viooltje (Becki Baumgartner)

Meloh Kiloh (Becki Baumgartner)

Milkweed (Becki Baumgartner)


Nioi-Sumire (Becki Baumgartner)

Northern Pine (Becki Baumgartner)

Northern White Pine (Becki Baumgartner)


Oak (Becki Baumgartner)

Ordinary Violet (Becki Baumgartner)

Otot (Becki Baumgartner)

Otot Ototan (Becki Baumgartner)


Pennsylvania Smartweed (Becki Baumgartner)

Persicaria (Becki Baumgartner)

Phytolacca americana (Becki Baumgartner)

Pigeon Berry (Becki Baumgartner)

Pin Blanc (Becki Baumgartner)

Pinus Strobus (Becki Baumgartner)

Plantago Asiatica (Becki Baumgartner)

Plantago major (Becki Baumgartner)

Plantain (Becki Baumgartner)

Poke (Becki Baumgartner)

Poke Salad or Poke Sallet (Becki Baumgartner)

Pokeberry (Becki Baumgartner)

Pokeweed (Becki Baumgartner)

Polygonum Hydropiper (Becki Baumgartner)

Polygonum persicaria (Becki Baumgartner)

Purple Violet (Becki Baumgartner)


Quercus Species (Becki Baumgartner)


Red Leg (Becki Baumgartner)

Renouée persicaire (Becki Baumgartner)

Ripple Grass (Becki Baumgartner)

Ren Dong Hua (Becki Baumgartner)


Sangka Buwah (Becki Baumgartner)

Sangkubah (Becki Baumgartner)

Sangkuwah (Becki Baumgartner)

Sassafras (Becki Baumgartner)

Sassafras albidum (Becki Baumgartner)

Sassafras officinale (Becki Baumgartner)

Sassafras varifolium (Becki Baumgartner)

Sassafrax (Becki Baumgartner)

Saxifrax (Becki Baumgartner)

Sei Ohr Re (Becki Baumgartner)

Seidenpflanze (Becki Baumgartner)

Sembung (becki Baumgartner)

Shamrock (Becki Baumgartner)

Shuang Hua (Becki Baumgartner)

Silkweed (Becki Baumgartner)

Silky Sallowwort (Becki Baumgartner)

Skoke (Becki Baumgartner)

Smartweed (Becki Baumgartner)

Snakeweed (Becki Baumgartner)

Soft Pine (Becki Baumgartner)

Solidago (Becki Baumgartner)

Solidago canadensis (Becki Baumgartner)

Solidago gigantea (Becki Baumgartner)

Solidago Glomerata (Becki Baumgartner)

Solidago longifolia (Becki Baumgartner)

Solidago serotina (Becki Baumgartner)

Solidago virgaurea (Becki Baumgartner)

Spear Thistle (Becki Baumgartner)

Spotted Ladysthumb (Becki Baumgartner)

Suri Pandak (Becki Baumgartner)

Swallow-Wort (Becki Baumgartner)

Sweet Blue Violet (Becki Baumgartner)

Sweet Violet (Becki Baumgartner)



Tanchagem-maior (Becki Baumgartner)

Tarkuz (Becki Baumgartner)

Tear-thumb (Becki Baumgartner)

Trifolium repens (Becki Baumgartner)



Viola odorata (Becki Baumgartner)

Violet (Becki Baumgartner)

Violeta (Becki Baumgartner)

Violette (Becki Baumgartner)

Violette Des Jardins (Becki Baumgartner)

Virginia Poke (Becki Baumgartner)

Virginia Silk (Becki Baumgartner)


Water Pepper (Becki Baumgartner)

Waybread or Waybroad (Becki Baumgartner)

Wegerlich (Becki Baumgartner)

Weymouth Pine (Becki Baumgartner)

Weymouths Keifer (Becki Baumgartner)

Weymouthtall (Becki Baumgartner)

White Clover (Becki Baumgartner)

White Dutch Clover (Becki Baumgartner)

White Man’s Foot (Becki Baumgartner)

White Pine (Becki Baumgarnter)

White Root (Becki Baumgartner)

White Shamrock (Becki Baumgartner)

Wild Cotton (Becki Baumgartner)

Wind Root (Becki Baumgartner)

Woundwort (Becki Baumgartner)





The LuminEarth Library

Here is a list of some the books used in our research and experimentation. Enjoy!

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