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Herbal Materia MedicaWelcome to our FREE Online Herbal Materia Medica!

“Materia Medica”  is a term for the body of collected knowledge about the therapeutic properties of any substance used for healing.

Our contributors have invested vast amounts of time and energy working with the herbs and remedies listed in this Materia Medica, and are honored to have the opportunity to share it here with you.

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Herbs that grow in an area take on the characteristics of their environment and are particularly useful for the treatment of those ailments associated with the climate and other conditions of the area. In any region, there are perhaps a dozen important herbs that can be used to treat most illnesses encountered there.

-Michael Tierra, L.Ac., O.M.D., “The Way of Herbs”

Wishing you and abundance of health and happiness!


Achillea mullefolium (Jyll Renee)

Acorn (Becki Baumgartner)

African Mallow (Jyll Renee’)

Agilo (Becki Baumgartner)

Agnus Cactus (Jyll Renee)

Ague Tree (Jyll Renee)

Ail (Becki Baumgartner)

Ajo (Becki Baumgartner)

Alehoof (Becki Baumgartner)

Alfalfa (Jyll Renee’)

Alho (Becki Baumgartner)

Allium sativum (Becki Baumgartner)

Aloe Bardaenis (Jyll Renee’)

Aloe Vera (Jyll Renee’)

Althea Officinalis (Jyll Renee’)

American Nightshade (Becki Baumgartner)

American Walnut (Jyll Renee’)

Arctostaphylos (Jyll Renee’)

Arnica Montana (Jyll Renee’)

Arnoglossa (Becki Baumgarnter)

Arrowroot (Jyll Renee’)

Arsesmart (Becki Baumgartner)

Artemidia vulgaris (Jyll Renee’)

Asiatica (Jyll Renee’)

Astragulus (Jyll Renee’)

Astragulus membranaceous (Jyll Renee’)

Ava (Jyll Renee’)

Avena Sativa (Jyll Renee’)


Banaf Shah (Becki Baumgartner)

Banafsaj (Becki Baumgartner)

Banafshah (Becki Baumgartner)

Bawang (Becki Baumgartner)

Bazir Dam Bil (Becki Baumgarnter)

Bearberry (Jyll Renee’)

Berberis auqifoluim (Jyll Renee’)

Bitterwort (Becki Baumgartner)

Black Ginger (Jyll Renee’)

Black Walnut Hull (Jyll Renee’)

Blow-ball (Becki Baumgartner)

Boneset (Jyll Renee’)

Brahma-manduki (Jyll Renee’)

Brahmi (Jyll Renee’)

Brazilian Cocoa (Jyll Renee’)

Breitwegerich (Becki Baumgartner)

Brigham Tea (Jyll Renee’)

Broadleaf Plantain (Becki Baumgartner)

Bronx Vanilla (Becki Baumgartner)

Bugleweed (Jyll Renee)

Bunny Ears (Jyll Renee)

Butterfly Weed (Becki Baumgartner)

Buyuk Sinirliot (Becki Baumgartner)


Canada Root (Becki Baumgartner)

Cancer Root (Becki Baumgartner)

Cankerwort (Becki Baumgartner)

Cannabaceae (Jyll Renee’)

Canton Ginger (Jyll Renee’)

Capsicum annum (Jyll Renee’)

Capsicum frutescenes (Jyll Renee’)

Carpenter’s Herb (Jyll Renee’)

Cascara Sagrada (Jyll Renee’)

Cat’s Foot (Becki Baumgartner)

Cat’s Paw (Becki Baumgartner)

Cayenne (Jyll Renee’)

Ceylon Cinnamon (Jyll Renee’)

Chamomile (Jyll Renee‘)

Chaste Tree (Jyll Renee’)

Chasteberries (Jyll Renee’)

Ch’E Ch’len (Becki Baumgartner)

Che Qian Zi (Becki Baumgartner)

Chesnok (Becki Baumgartner)

Chickweed (Jyll Renee)

Chin Yin Hua (Becki Baumgartner)

Chin Yin T’Eng (Becki Baumgartner)

Chinese Honeysuckle (Becki Baumgartner)

Chitten Bark (Jyll Renee)

Cinnamomum zeylanicum (Jyll Renee’)

Cinnamon (Jyll Renee’)

Cinnamon Wood (Jyll Renee)

Clockflower (Becki Baumgartner)

Cochin Ginger (Jyll Renee’)

Colic Root (Jyll Renee)

Comfrey (Jyll Renee)

Common Blue Violet (Becki Baumgartner)

Common Bugle (Jyll Renee’)

Common Ginger (Jyll Renee’)

Common Hops (Jyll Renee’)

Common Plantain (Becki Baumgartner)

Creeping Charlie (Becki Baumgartner)

Cukoo’s Bread (Becki Baumgartner)


Damaina (Jyll Renee’)

Dandelion (Becki Baumgartner)

Dandelion Leaf (Jyll Renee’)

Dandelion Root (Jyll Renee’)

Daum Sejumbok (Becki Baumgartner)

Desert Lilies (Jyll Renee’)

Devils Bones (Jyll Renee’)

Dioscorea villosa (Jyll Renee’)

Doonheadclock (Becki Baumgartner)

Duraznillo (Becki Baumgartner)


Echinacea (Jyll Renee’)

Echinacea Augustifolia (Jyll Renee’)

Echinacea Pallida (Jyll Renee’)

Echinacea Purpurea (Jyll Renee’)

Ekur Anjing (Becki Baumgartner)

English Violet (Becki Baumgartner)

Englishman’s Foot (Becki Baumgartner)

Ephedra (E. gerardiana, E. sinica, E. equisatina) (Jyll Renee’)

European Valerian (Jyll Renee’)


Fairy Clock – Leaf (Jyll Renee)

Fedshank (Becki Baumgartner)

Feverfew (Jyll Renee’)

Flannelleaf (Jyll Renee’)

Floh-Knöterich (Becki Baumgartner)

Florida Cranberry (Jyll Renee’)

Flux Root (Becki Baumgartner)

Fragrant Valerian (Jyll Renee’)

French Maritime Pine Bark (Becki Baumgartner)


Garleag (Becki Baumgartner)

Garden Ginger (Jyll Renee)

Garden Mint (Jyll Renee)

Garden Lavender (Jyll Renee)

Garden Violet (Becki Baumgartner)

Garlic (Becki Baumgartner)

Gechi Qulaghi (Becki Baumgartner)

German Chamomile (Jyll Renee)

Gill-Go-By-The-Hedge (Becki Baumgartner)

Gill-Over-The-Ground (Becki Baumgartner)

Gillrun (Becki Baumgartner)

Ginger (Jyll Renee’)

Gingemgre (Jyll Renee’)

Ginko Biloba (Jyll Renee)

Glechoma hederacea (Becki Baumgartner)

Gotu Kola (Jyll Renee’)

Gratium (Becki Baumgartner)

Great Plantain or Greater Plantain (Becki Baumgartner)

Greater Plantain (Jyll Renee’)

Groats (Jyll Renee’)

Grote Weegbree (Becki Baumgartner)

Ground Ivy (Becki Baumgartner)

Guarana (Jyll Renee’)

Guava Leav (Jyll Renee’)


Hall’s Honeysuckle (Becki Baumgartner)

Halliana (Becki Baumgartner)

Hay Maids (Becki Baumgartner)

Hedge Maids (Becki Baumgartner)

Heliotrope (Jyll Renee’)

Helmetflower (Jyll Renee’)

Hemp Tree (Jyll Renee’)

Hibiscus (Jyll Renee’)

Honeysuckle (Becki Baumgartner)

Hops (Jyll Renee)

Humulus Lupus (Jyll Renee’)

Huang Qi (Jyll Renee’)

Hydrocotyle Asiatica (Jyll Renee’)

Hypericum Perforatum (Jyll Renee’)


Ilex paraguayensis (Jyll Renee’)

Imber (Jyll Renee’)

Indian Elm (Jyll Renee’)

Indian Pennywort (Jyll Renee’)

Indian Sarsparilla (Jyll Renee’)

Indian Tobacco (Jyll Renee’)

Indiana Arrowroot (Jyll Renee’)

Inkberry (Becki Baumgartner)

Irish Daisy (Becki Baumgartner)


Jacob’s Staff (Jyll Renee’)

Jamaican Ginger (Jyll Renee’)

Jamaican Sarsparilla (Jyll Renee’)

Jamacia Sorrel (Jyll Renee’)

Japanese Honeysuckle (Becki Baumgartner)

Jen Tung (Becki Baumgartner)

Jen Tung Chiu (Becki Baumgartner)

Jen Tung Ka0 (Becki Baumgartner)

Jin Hua (Becki Baumgartner)

Jin Yin Hua (Becki Baumgartner)

Joint-Pine (Jyll Renee’)

Juglans Nigra (Jyll Renee’)

Juice from Lilies (Jyll Renee’)


Kamath Weed (Jyll Renee’)

Katiem (Becki Baumgartner)

Kava (Jyll Renee’)

Kava Kava (Jyll Renee’)

Kawa ‘awa (Jyll Renee’)

Kelp (Jyll Renee’)

Kinnikinnick (Jyll Renee’)

Knitbone (Jyll Renee’)

Knoblauch (Becki Baumgartner)

Knoflook (Becki Baumgartner)

Knotweed (Lady’s Thumb) (Becki Baumgartner)

Kokulu Menekse (Becki Baumgartner)


La Liao (Becki Baumgartner)

Lady’s Thumb (Becki Baumgartner)

Lasun (Becki Baumgartner)

Laurus albida (Becki Baumgartner)

Lavandula officinalis (Jyll Renee)

Lavender (Jyll Renee)

Lehsun (Becki Baumgartner)

Leonurus Cardiaca (Jyll Renee)

Leopard’s Bane (Jyll Renee)

Lian Qian Cao (Becki Baumgartner)

Liliaceae (Jyll Renee’)

Lisan Al Hamal (Becki Baumgartner)

Lion’s Ear (Jyll Renee)

Lion’s Tail (Jyll Renee)

Lion’s Teeth – Leaf  (Jyll Renee)

Lion’s Teeth – Root (Jyll Renee)

Lion’s Tooth (Becki Baumgartner)

Lizzy-Run-Up-The-Hedge (Becki Baumgartner)

Llanten (Becki Baumgartner)

Llantén común (Becki Baumgartner)

Llantén major (Becki Baumgartner)

Llanten Mayor (Becki Baumgartner)

Lobelia (Jyll Renee)

Lobelia Inflate (Jyll Renee)

Lomatium Dessectum (Jyll Renee)

Lonicera Japonica (Becki Baumgartner)

Lucerne (Jyll Renee)

Lupus (Jyll Renee)

Lycopus virginicus (Jyll Renee)


Ma Huang (Chinese Version) (Jyll Renee)

Maarts Viooltje (Becki Baumgartner)

Madookaparni (Jyll Renee’)

Madweed (Jyll Renee)

Maiden Hair Tree (Jyll Renee)

Marananta arundinaceae (Jyll Renee)

Maranta Indica (Jyll Renee)

Maritime Pine Bark (Becki Baumgartner)

Marsh Penny (Jyll Renee’)

Marshmallow Root (Jyll Renee)

Matricaria recutita (Jyll Renee)

Medciago Sativa (Jyll Renee)

Meloh Kiloh (Becki Baumgartner)

Milfoil (Jyll Renee)

Mintha spicata (Jyll Renee)

Monks Pepper (Jyll Renee)

Moose Elm (Jyll Renee)

Mormon Tea (Jyll Renee)

Motherwort (Jyll Renee)

Mountain Cranberry (Jyll Renee)

Mountain Tobacco (Jyll Renee)

Mouse Ear Chickweed (Jyll Renee)

Moxa (Jyll Renee)

Mugwort (Jyll Renee)

Mullein (Jyll Renee)


Nepeta Hederacea (Becki Baumgartner)

Nettles (Jyll Renee)

Ninniku (Becki Baumgartner)

Nioi-Sumire (Becki Baumgartner)

Nosebleed (Jyll Renee)


Oak (Becki Baumgartner)

Oatstraw (Jyll Renee)

Ordinary Violet (Becki Baumgartner)

Oregon Grape Root (Jyll Renee’)

Otot Ototan (Becki Baumgartner)

Our Lady’s Mint (Jyll Renee’)


Paullinia cupana (Jyll Renee’)

Pee-in-the-Bed – Leaf (Jyll Renee’)

Pee-in-the Bed – Root (Jyll Renee’)

Pennsylvania Smartweed (Becki Baumgartner)

Phytolacca americana (Becki Baumgartner)

Pigeon Berry (Becki Baumgartner)

Pine Bark (Becki Baumgartner)

Piper methipticum (Jyll Renee’)

Piss-in-Bed (Becki Baumgartner)

Pissinlit (Becki Baumgartner)

Plantago Asiatica (Becki Baumgartner)

Plantago Lanceolata L. (Jyll Renee’)

Plantago major (Becki Baumgartner)

Plantago major L. (Jyll Renee’)

Plantain (Jyll Renee’)

Plantain – Broadleaf (Becki Baumgartner)

Poke (Becki Baumgartner)

Pokeberry (Becki Baumgartner)

Pokeroot (Becki Baumgartner)

Pokeweed (Becki Baumgartner)

Polygonum Hydropiper (Becki Baumgartner)

Poondoo (Becki Baumgartner)

Poor Man’s Treacle (Becki Baumgartner)

Priest’s Crown (Becki Baumgartner)

Preists-crown – Root (Jyll Renee)

Pu Gong Ying (Becki Baumgartner)

Puffball (Becki Baumgartner)

Pukeweed (Jyll Renee)

Purple Coneflower (Jyll Renee)

Purple Violet (Becki Baumgartner)

Pursicaria (Becki Baumgartner)

Pycnogenol (Becki Baumgartner)


Quercus Species (Becki Baumgartner)


Rat-Tail Plantain (Jyll Renee’)

Red Tea (Jyll Renee’)

Red-bearded (Jll Renee’)

Red Clover Blossoms (Jyll Renee’)

Red Elm (Jyll Renee’)

Red Leg (Becki Baumgartner)

Red Raspberry Leaf (Jyll Renee’)

Ren Dong Hua (Becki Baumgartner)

Renouée persicaire (Becki Baumgartner)

Rhammus Purskiani Cortex (Jyll Renee’)

Rheumatism Root (Jyll Renee)

Rib Grass (Jyll Renee’)

Ribwort (Jyll Renee’)

Ripple Grass (Becki Baumgartner)

Ripple-Grass (Jyll Renee’)

Robin-Run-In-The-Hedge (Becki Baumgartner)

Rockberry (Jyll Renee’)

Rosa App (Jyll Renee’)

Rose Hips (Jyll Renee’)

Rose of Sharon (Jyll Renee’)

Roselle (Jyll Renee’)

Rubus Idaeus (Jyll Renee’)


Sabal (Jyll Renee’)

Sacred Bark (Jyll Renee’)

Sage of Bethlehem (Jyll Renee’)

Sailor’s Tobacco (Jyll Renee’)

Sakau (Jyll Renee’)

Sangka Buwah (Becki Baumgartner)

Sangkubah (Becki Baumgartner)

Sangkuwah (Becki Baumgartner)

Sarmisak (Becki Baumgartner)

Sarsparilla (Jyll Renee’)

Sassafras Albidum (S. variforum, S. officinale) (Jyll Renee’)

Saw Palmetto Berries (Jyll Renee’)

Scutellaria Lateriflora (Jyll Renee’)

Sei Ohr Re (Becki Baumgartner)

Sembung Otot (Becki Baumgartner)

Serenoa Repens (Jyll Renee’)

Shuang Hua (Becki Baumgartner)

Shum (Becki Baumgartner)

Skoke (Becki Baumgartner)

Skullcap (Jyll Renee’)

Slippery Elm (Jyll Renee’)

Small Nettle (Jyll Renee’)

Smartweed (Lady’s Thumb) (Becki Baumgartner)

Smelling Stick (Jyll Renee’)

Smilax medica (Jyll Renee’)

Snakeweed (Becki Baumgartner)

Soldier’s Woundwort (Jyll Renee)

Spearmint Leaves (Jyll Renee)

Spotted Ladysthumb (Becki Baumgartner)

St. John’s Herb (not St.John’s Wort) (Jyll Renee)

St. John’s Wort (Jyll Renee)

Starchickweed (Jyll Renee)

Stellaria Media (Jyll Renee)

Stinging Nettles (Jyll Renee)

Suan (Becki Baumgartner)

Suen Tau (Becki Baumgartner)

Suii-Kazura (Becki Baumgartner)

Suri Pandak (Becki Baumgartner)

Swallow-Wort (Becki Baumgartner)

Sweet Blue Violet (Becki Baumgartner)

Sweet Violet (Becki Baumgartner)

Sweetweed Mallow (Jyll Renee’)

Swine’s Snout (Becki Baumgartner)

Symphytum officinale (Jyll Renee’)


Tanacetum parthenium (Jyll Renee’)

Tanchagem-maior (Becki Baumgartner)

Taraxaci herba (Becki Baumgartner)

Taraxaci cum herba (Becki Baumgartner)

Taraxacum officinale (Becki Baumgartner)

Taraxacum officinale – Leaf (Jyll Renee’)

Taraxacum officinale – Root (Jyll Renee’)

Tarkuz (Becki Baumgartner)

Tear-thumb (Becki Baumgartner)

Telltime (Becki Baumgartner)

Telltime – Root (Jyll Renee)

Thum (Becki Baumgartner)

Toi (Becki Baumgartner)

Traveler’s Herb (Jyll Renee)

Trefoil (Jyll Renee)

Trifolium Pretense (Jyll Renee)

Tun-Hoof (Becki Baumgartner)

Turnera Diffusa (Jyll Renee)

Turnhoof (Becki Baumgartner)


Ulmus Rulra (Jyll Renee)

Ulmus Fulva (Jyll Renee)

Urtica Diovica (Jyll Renee)

Urtica Urens (Jyll Renee)

Uva Ursi (Jyll Renee)


Valerian (Jyll Renee)

Valeriana Officinalis (Jyll Renee)

Verbascum Thapsus (Jyll Renee)

Viola odorata (Becki Baumgartner)

Violet (Becki Baumgartner)

Violeta (Becki Baumgartner)

Violette (Becki Baumgartner)

Violette Des Jardins (Becki Baumgartner)

Virginia Poke (Becki Baumgartner)

Vitex (Jyll Renee)

Vitex Agnus Castus (Jyll Renee)


Water Horehound (Jyll Renee)

Water Pennywort (Jyll Renee)

Water Pepper (Lady’s Thumb) (Becki Baumgartner)

Waybread (Becki Baumgartner)

Waybroad (Becki Baumgartner)

Wegerlich (Becki Baumgartner)

White Honeysuckle (Becki Baumgartner)

White Man’s Foot (Becki Baumgartner)

White Root (Becki Baumgartner)

Wild Cherry Bark (Jyll Renee’)

Wild Endive (Becki Baumgartner)

Wild Oats (Jyll Renee’)

Wild Yam Root (Jyll Renee’)

Willow Wolf (Jyll Renee’)

Wind Root (Becki Baumgartner)

Witch Hazel Leaf (Jyll Renee’)

Wood Betony (Jyll Renee’)



Yaqona (Jyll Renee’)

Yarrow (Jyll Renee’)

Yellow Gowan (Becki Baumgartner)

Yerba Mate (Jyll Renee’)

Yimu Cao (Jyll Renee’)

Yin Hua (Becki Baumgartner)


Zingiber officinale (Jyll Renee’)

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