Reiki & Essential Oils for Pets – FREE Class – 1/14/17 – Nashville TN


Free! Two 1-Hour Pet Classes! Learn the basics of Reiki and essential oils for pets!

Facilitated by Joyce Dierschke & Becki Baumgartner


Natchez Trace Veterinary Services, 6614 Hwy 100, Nashville TN 37205


Saturday, January 14, 2017

1:00 – 2:00 Reiki for Pets, 2:00 – 3:00 Essential Oils & Aromatherapy for Pets


Learn the basics of using Reiki for Pets!

We’ll show you hands-on and hands-off techniques to help your furry friends feel better quickly!

What are the Benefits of Reiki for Pets?

Reiki is a healing energy, and will never harm you or your pet.

Reiki can be given to any type of animal.

Reiki can be given to animals hands on, or at a distance.

Reiki is can release negative energy stemming emotional problems caused by traumatic situations such as abuse, neglect, or being hit by a car.

Reiki is scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and helps pets with nervousness and hyperactivity.

Reiki is scientifically proven to boost the immune system and speed healing.

Reiki helps injured pets heal more quickly. If your pet suffers a serious illness, Reiki will help bring comfort and compliment any conventional treatment you choose.

Reiki also helps bring peace and comfort to both owners and pets during a pet’s last days. Reiki brings peace and relaxation to all involved. Reiki helps our pets relax and understand it is OK to move on.

Unfortunately, for safety reasons, we must ask you to come without your pet.


Interested in using essential oils on your pets? We can help! You must be fully aware of which oils are safe on pets.We’ll teach you how to choose the right oils, how to use on your pet, and more!

You’ll learn how to use oils to:

• Calm your pet

• Help separate pets unite into a pack

• Boost your pet’s immune system

• Make a healing salve for pets

• Ward off pests

• And more!

You’ll even get to experience the oils for yourself!

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Becki Baumgartner

Herbalist, Certified Tennessee Naturalist, Certified Reiki Master at
Becki Baumgartner is a certified member of the Academy of Integrated Health & Medicine. Becki graduated from Clayton College in 2011 with a BS in Natural Health, Minor in Herbology, obtained her Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Certification in 2012, and her Tennessee Naturalist Certification in 2013. She is currently enrolled in the Master Herbalist Program at the Academy of Natural Health Sciences. She has been a Lead Investigator for Volunteer State Paranormal Research since 2010 and in 2012 joined Natchez Trace Veterinary Services, an Alternative Medicine Veterinary Clinic, as Practice Manager and Herbalist. She is also a volunteer naturalist for Metro Parks and the Nashville Medical Reserve Corps, facilitates a weekly Reiki Share at Center of Symmetry in Nashville, and facilitates Reiki, Herbology and Alternative Health classes and workshops in the Nashville Area. Chat with Becki on Google+ | LinkedIn | Facebook
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