What is a Pendulum? How does a Pendulum Work?

A pendulum is a weight suspended from a length of rope, string or cord. It can be anything from a button to a stone to a highly polished and faceted crystal. What the tool is made of is less important than what it does.

Pendulum - 6-Facet Pendulum Assortment #3 (5pcs.)Pendulums are used for a variety of reasons. It can answer “yes or no” questions. You can use it to diagnose chakras (click here for a video of this technique). It can be used to determine if spirits are present in a certain place or situation. Dowsing or “finding” items is another use.

How does a Pendulum work?

There are a few schools of thought on how the pendulum responds – through what “power” if you will, does it respond. Some believe that through this tool we connect to our higher self, or to ascended masters, angels, God, etc. One common belief and the one I generally accept for myself is that it is simply a tool for interpreting your own intuition. The basis of this idea is that as humans, we are much more tuned in to the workings of the world, nature, animals and other human beings than we tend to believe. Our intuition or gut feelings are spot on, but most of us disregard them due to cultural teachings or lack of trust in ourselves. So we ask a question, our intuition (or higher self, or ascended master, or guides, or God, etc.) provides the answer and the pendulums swings in a manner reflecting that answer. Once you learn how your pendulum responds – everyone’s does not respond in the same manner – you can use yours to discern the “right” answer to nearly every question.

Activating Your Pendulum

A simple “activation” technique is to state exactly what you expect from the relationship between you and your tool. For instance, hold the pendulum in your hand and say aloud something like this: “I (your name) as to connect to (my higher power, my guides, guardian angels, God, the Universe, etc) through this pendulum. I ask this only and ever for the highest good of all with harm to none.” Then move on to programming your tool.

Programming Your Pendulum

Programming your tool is really just establishing communication with it, to ensure that you’re speaking the same language. Using a pendulum is an excellent method of limbic testing. Limbic testing refers to testing involving any questions to which the answers are “yes” or “no”. The Universe doesn’t work according to “true” or “false”, only “what is” and “what isn’t”. This is how limbic testing via a pendulum works. This method of testing can be in energy healing and much more. Use this exercise to test your tool: Hold your pendulum out in front of you with the chain or string between your thumb and forefinger with your elbow bent and resting on a solid object such as a table. Still the pendulum if it is swinging. Now ask, out loud, “Show me ‘yes'”. See how it reacts. Still the pendulum. Ask a few more times, after each time, still the pendulum. By now you should have a good idea of how your pendulum responds “yes.” Do the same with “no” and do the same with “don’t know” or “can’t say”, or with any other response you would like. Watch this video of the exercise then click here to read How to Choose and Clear a Pendulum.

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