Wood Betony ~ Materia Medica by Jyll Renee’

Wood Betony - FREE Online Herbal Materia MedicaThough this nearly forgotten mint has become increasingly rare modern herbal medicine, wood betony was once considered almost a panacea by the elder herbalists.

Little modern research has been done to either prove or disprove the medicinal values attributed to betony. Betony was once used to treat chest and lung problems, worms, fever, gout, uterine bleeding, dizziness, and many other afflictions, including protection against witchcraft.

Medicinal uses include help with headaches including migraines, nerve and back pain, stress and varicose veins.

Cautions: Although there are no known adverse effects Pregnant women should not use betony as it is a mild uterine stimulant

Most commonly used in tea, it is a popular component of British Herb Tobacco and is often smoked to relieve a headache.


www.naturalmedicine.com Prock, Deborahe ND  10/19/2013

Renee’, Jyll Master Herbologist 10/19/2013

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